Suzuki G70 Global Sub-Compact Car: Geneva Auto Show

Originally shown in 2011 at the Tokyo Auto Show as the Suzuki REGINA, the G70 has been rebadged as it draws nearer to production.

Weighing only 1609 pounds, the Suzuki G70 is extremely lightweight. It is, in large part, this miniscule weight that allows it to be so fuel-efficient and produce so little carbon emissions. It produces so few emissions; in fact, Suzuki says the G70 is on par with eco-friendly hybrids.

Suzuki Swift S-Concept - Geneva Auto Show

At this year's Geneva Auto Show, there's little at the Suzuki booth that we'd be able to recognize in the States. The European lineup includes, of course, the evergreen SX4 and newish Kizashi. But Suzuki in Europe continues to offer a product lineup representing a bridge between what Japan, Inc. does extremely well and what Europeans enjoy owning and driving. Enter the Suzuki Swift S-Concept.

Suzuki Adds Navigation to Most Cars: New York Auto Show

While other automakers pump millions of dollars worth of research and development into producing their own multi-media, satellite navigation and entertainment systems, Suzuki has decided to go another route.

Teaming up with Garmin - the global leader in satellite navigation systems - Suzuki will offer factory-installed Garmin entertainment and navigation systems on its 2013 SX4, Kizashi and Grand Vitara models as an upgradable extra.

Suzuki Regina Concept - Tokyo Auto Show

Suzuki rolled out its vision of the next-generation global compact car at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. Finished in bright green and offered with a series of advanced features, the tiny Regina hatchback may be relegated to "concept" status for now - but its weight-saving design, aerodynamic styling and futuristic interior could see production soon as automakers strive to boost fuel economy and adopt new technology.